Communication is key for the best rhinoplasty results

Deciding to undergo any surgery on your face is a very personal decision, and the nose is a particularly important area given its position right in the middle of things.  As with any surgery, it is essential for patients to find a surgeon they trust and to develop a strong patient-doctor relationship.  As a facial plastic surgeon, I am an expert in helping to identify the “ideal” nasal contour and proportions (have you read my article about the golden ratio?)  However, general aesthetic ideals do not always concur with what is anatomically feasible nor with an individual patient’s desires.  This is why our communication is so important.

One of the best tools to help communicate about rhinoplasty surgery is through images.  To prepare for our visit, it is a good idea to bring in photos of noses you like, or a Face-Tuned image of yourself, which is a great way to visually express your desires.  It will give us a jumping off point to discuss your desires and expectations for the outcome. During your consultation, we will look at photos of previous patients who have generously allowed me to use their images.  You can take a look at some of the photos on the rhinoplasty procedure page for a sample. I will also take and edit your photos to give you an idea of what can be done.  While digitally altered images may vary from actual surgical results, this process helps a great deal in clearly establishing the goals of surgery and helping to make sure your expectations are aligned with what I believe can be surgically accomplished.

After you have fully healed from your surgery (around one year for most rhinoplasty patients), I take another set of photos and provide before-and-after photos to make sure you are genuinely pleased with your results, which is what I feel is the ultimate measure of success for any rhinoplasty surgery.


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