Do nose jobs last forever?

Just like diamonds, surgery is forever. However, unlike a diamond, your body will change as it ages.  

Filler rhinoplasties, or “liquid nose jobs”, are more temporary; though filler in your nose will last longer than filler in other areas of your face.  It doesn’t dissolve as quickly since the nose doesn’t get much movement.

Surgical rhinoplasties are essentially permanent, but they do not stop the aging process.  Noses over time have a tendency to droop.  They aren’t growing, but the support tissues that keep things tight start to become lax, which causes spreading and drooping of the nasal support.  Pesky gravity.  A rhinoplasty can decrease the drooping process to some degree because of structural reinforcement and scar tissue that helps mitigate this tissue loosening and the resulting downward tissue movement.

 As you continue to age, your face will change, and that includes changes to your nose, too.  But in comparison to other parts of the face, surgical enhancements to the nose are likely to have a longer duration of effect.  Lucky for both the nose and its more quickly-aging adjacent facial structures, we can offer you abundant rejuvenation options to help keep you looking as good as you feel. See our article on how much does a nose job cost for more information.

Before-And-After Rhinoplasty Photos



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