Facial Paralysis Informational Video

0:01 Meet Dr. Michael Reilly
3:40 What are the causes of sudden facial paralysis?
4:32 How is it determined what has caused my sudden facial palsy?
6:45 Who is most likely to develop sudden facial paralysis?
7:33 What is Bell’s palsy?
9:20 Why does diabetes have the potential to induce facial paralysis?
10:17 Is there progress being made in the treatment of facial paralysis in diabetics?
11:00 How do I know when I should seek medical attention for sudden facial paralysis?
11:59 Is it possible to have complete recovery from sudden facial paralysis?
13:13 Is physical therapy helpful for people with facial palsy?
14:28 What are treatment options for facial palsy?
1:43 Are there promising new treatments?
17:19 What are my options if my facial paralysis doesn’t recover?
19:27 Is surgery an option for facial paralysis?
21:10 How do I know if I’m a candidate for surgery?
23:36 Why should patients choose MedStar Georgetown University Hospital for their facial paralysis care?

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