Patient Experience

Why did you choose Dr. Reilly and what kind of research did you do? 

Being in Washington, DC, I have the luxury of being surrounded by some of the leading physicians in the country. When I knew that I needed an ENT, I did my research and came across Dr. Reilly. I saw that he had consistently been named one of Washington’s Top Physicians which stood out to me. I also came across his research and the work he has done to bring awareness to specific areas. Between this and the many glowing reviews, it was a no brainer to book an appointment to meet Dr. Reilly. 

What was your motivation for choosing to undergo surgery?

I had a septoplasty performed in the past and found myself experiencing the same symptoms again. These symptoms began interfering with my day-to-day life and I was desperate for relief. 

Tell us about the pre-op process – interactions with the team, getting an appointment, Q&A with Dr. Reilly, education, etc. 

My initial request for an appointment was responded to almost immediately. I was brought in for a consultation where Dr. Reilly spent a long period of time explaining my condition and what my options were. I have a tendency to overload any physician with a number of questions, but Dr. Reilly was not phased and actually enjoyed answering all of my questions. This confirmed my decision to choose Dr. Reilly and pushed me to make the decision to move forward with surgery, 

Tell us about your day of surgery experience.

The day of surgery was nerve-wracking, this was following peak Covid time, so I had to go into the hospital and wait all by myself. I had a great understanding of what would happen during and after surgery but was still super nervous especially being alone. Dr. Reilly and his staff made it a point to stop in and reassure me that everything would be fine. They even took the time to sit with me and talk about my interests, including the book I was reading to take my mind off of the day! The staff went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable and confident going into the OR. 

Tell us about the post-op recovery – was it what you expected, were you prepared, pain and general recuperation, etc. 

The recovery process was long, but I knew this would be the case because Dr. Reilly made sure to go over expectations prior to surgery. Unfortunately, I did end up having a complication post-surgery that forced me to go to the ER. This is actually common and was just my body reacting to the healing process. I found myself alone in the hospital, unsure of what was happening. Dr. Reilly was in the OR for the day, so his staff was taking care of me. When the team needed an extra set of expertise, Dr. Reilly stepped out of surgery to come down and check on me. He saw that I was visibly upset and took the time to talk to me and even run through a quick meditation exercise. I have never experienced such phenomenal bedside manner and a physician going above what is required of them to ensure that their patient is not only physically okay but mentally okay. That experience proved even further that I made the right decision in choosing a phenomenal physician. 

Tell us about your overall experience, changes in breathing, and how surgery has affected/improved your life.

Almost two years post-op, I am extremely happy with my results. I can now fully breathe out of my nose without having any complications. The overall experience was long, but worth it. I would recommend Dr. Reilly to anyone who needs his expertise. Not only will he fix whatever issues you may be having, he will ensure you are comfortable and informed along the whole journey. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Reilly. 


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