Septoplasty Educational Video


What is nasal septoplasty surgery, and am I a candidate? Take a few moments to listen to my educational video to learn more about septoplasty.

0:00 Introduction from Dr. Michael J. Reilly
0:22 What is a septoplasty?
0:54 How is a septoplasty performed? Am I going to have scars from a septoplasty?
1:22 What will I look like after septoplasty? Will I have bruises after surgery? Will I have any bandages or splints?
1:46 Will I be in any pain or discomfort after septoplasty surgery?
2:09 When can I expect to get back to work after surgery?
2:35 How much does deviated septum surgery cost?

Contact my office at 202-444-0757 to set up an appointment so we can determine if you are a candidate to correct a deviated septum.

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