Unmasked: Putting Your Best Face Forward – Part II

After over a year of hiding most of your face, we are all preparing to unmask for the notorious “hot girl summer” of 2021. I wanted to share some tips and techniques on how to prepare to put your best face forward. This is the second installation of a three-part series to share some skincare advice for putting your best face forward.

Are there options to treat fine lines that don’t involve a needle?

I recommend incorporating hyaluronic acid and a mild retinol into your daily skincare regimen, both of which can be found over the counter. Also, applying sunblock to prevent sun damage is essential.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a molecule that is naturally created in your body and can be applied topically. It works by binding water molecules to collagen and the result is plump and dewy skin.

Retinol works by speeding up cell turnover, causing your body to produce younger, smoother skin. Retinol prevents and treats fine lines, fades dark spots, and brightens dull skin.

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